Fast asleep.

Lullaby Linen Vespa Scooter Kids Bedding Comforter Blanket Sheets

We featured this scooter fabric last year and now someone has thankfully gone to the trouble of making it into adorable bedding. But (sigh) it’s not cheap. Prices range from $70.40 (USD) for a cushion to $330 for a Double Quilt Cover or Duvet. And those are sale prices apparently. To see all the sizes available visit this Australian site .

Thanks to Cassie M. for this find!

But are they French Sock Monkeys?

You won’t believe this, but this is not the first time we’ve featured sock monkeys on scooters before. There was this this t-shirt and these books . But this is the first time we’ve featured sock monkeys on pillows, sleepsacs, blankets and wall art for the toddler set. Part of Petit Tresor’s line, the prices range from $39 to $89.

Thanks to Julie G. for this adorable find!