This Week's Rare Bit O'Swag: Felix the Cat on Scooter


Like Betty Boop, his silent partner in early cartoons, Felix the Cat has been shown on scooters. Here are two items from Cassie’s collection that feature the famous feline on a blue scooter. One is a lapel pin, the other a pen topper. But I have been unable to find any evidence of Felix riding said scooter in any cartoons. Any one out there a Felix Fan that can set ScooterSwag straight?

Best Scooter Stocking Swag Evar.


No fair! The UK always has the coolest swag. This is a stocking filler sold by Habitat ( though it doesn’t seem to be available through their website. It’s a brooch with a magnetic back, and when you activate it the three lights in the headlamp flash on and off incredibly fast. “Sheer class!” says Alice D. Thanks to her for this find.