Valentine’s Day Cupcakes.

I don’t like riding b*tch. Makes me too nervous. But these silhouettes make riding cupcake seem so romantic. The 10″ melamine plate is $24. Visit the site to see the whole selection featuring these scooter silhouettes, including prints, cards, etc.

Thanks to Julie G. for this find!

Zoom went the strings of my heart.

Last year I got all excited when I found a Triumph Tigress-esque valentine. Well it turns out I am a very lucky girl. Because a designer at Pottery Barn was probably one of the people I was bidding against on eBay. They feature the same valentine on a $12 card set, in a $20 plastic tumbler set, a $26 melanine plate set, in a paper heart garland and in a floor puzzle (available only in the stores.) Here’s a buying tip – if you just want the scooter plate, go to the stores and grab one. They’re just $6.50 and display wonderfully. The folks at my local store said everything would go on sale the week before Valentine’s Day.

Many thanks to Cara!