A Rare Bit O’Swag:
Fedrigoni Vespa Paper Sculpture

Fedrigoni paper model Vespa Scooter

Happy New Year ScooterSwaggers!

Fedrigoni is an Italian paper manufacturer with over a century of history. To celebrate an exhibition in their London showroom in 2010, graphic artist Laura Quatrill made several models of classic Italian design. These included the Sapper Alessi kettle, the Olivetti typewriter and of course the Piaggio Vespa. The models were made out of Fedrigoni papers and were mailed to customers flat and unconstructed to invite customers to the exhibit.

Thanks to Daniel S. for this find.

To read more about the models and their design click here .

A Rare Bit O’Swag:
Galt Puzzle

Scooter Vespa Lambretta Puzzle Galt Puzzle Jigsaw Made In England Toy

Spotted on eBay this vintage puzzle is made by Galt, an English toy company. It’s wooden and is amazing 19″ wide. It probably dates from the late 1960s to the early 70s. I love the pictures underneath the puzzle pieces that show what’s inside the vehicles! This puzzle also reminds me of another vintage puzzle we featured awhile back.

Miniatuart Petit Motor Scooter by Sankei.

Sankei Wood Scooter Vespa Model Japanese

Julie spotted this little paper scooter kit in Japantown in San Francisco during their 20th Anniversary Classic scooter rally. It seems pretty hard to find on anything other than a Japanese web site but this online store has the best price. Have no idea how much shipping would be? It measures approximately 15 x 10.5 x 0.3 cm and is made out of hard paste color laser-cut cardboard.

Thanks to Julie G. for the photo and find!

Minnie the modette.

Minnie Mouse Disney Bow-tique Scooter Vespa Puzzle Mickey Clubhouse

Not only is she clearly a mod but she has a pet cat which is a very progressive pet for a mouse to have … don’t you think?

The first photo shows Minnie on a remote control scooter, the second photo shows a jigsaw puzzle with her beau Mickey and the third is Minnie on a smaller scooter toy with lots of accessories and said cat.

The RC scooter seems to be only available in Europe while the puzzle falls into the category of “rare swag” as I didn’t find a good online source for it. Try searching “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Scooter 35pc Jigsaw Puzzle.” The smaller toy scooter is more widely available.

Love the name of Minnie’s line of toys — “Bow-tique” !

Minnie Remote Control Scooter – £32.99

Fisher-Price Disney’s Minnie’s Motor Scooter – $17

Carnaby Street Ravensburger Puzzles

Ravensburger Puzzle Carnaby Street Scooter Vespa Lambretta

Ravensburger has released these two puzzles of modettes taking over Carnaby Street. One features what looks to be a Lambretta looking for parking. To see other scooter related Ravensburger puzzles we’ve featured click here.

Here’s the description from Amazon:

“Two wonderfully bright and colourful 500-piece puzzles in one box. Both scenes are painted by popular artist Trevor Mitchell, who specializes in nostalgic scenes. The scenes capture all the fun, excitement and colour of Carnaby Street, London in the swinging 1960s. One scene shows an interior of a boutique with customers browsing all the clothes on the rails, and includes wonderful details on the fabrics, shoes and handbags. The other scene shows an exterior scene and is based on photographs taken at the time. In the 1960s you could drive down Carnaby Street, and the buildings were bristling with bright colours and signs and the street was crowded with dedicated followers of fashion. Ravensburger adult puzzles are made using “Softclick Premium Puzzle” technology. This uses thicker and stronger board (manufactured especially for Ravensburger), and hand-crafted cutting tools resulting in strong, smooth and dust-free pieces with a superb fit.”

Ravensburger Carnaby Street 500 Piece Puzzles

Looking good on paper.

Papero Scooter Couples Paper Models Vespa

Dear Paper Modelers and Puzzlers: Ready for a challenge? Designer Papero has created these two scooter models for you to tackle. (Check out the photo of the motorcycle model in an unmade state to get a sense of the difficulty and detail.) Made of recycled card and paper and soy oil based ink, even the wheels spin. The scooters each measure approximately 8cm X 12cm X 4.5cm. The kit ships from the UK for £17.50.

Here’s a description from Papero:

“Every aspect of this Papero paper model is beautifully designed. Start with the pre-cut eco-friendly paper ‘blueprints’. Consider where each element will go, then use pen, paint or pencil to colour them in. Pop out the pieces and assemble them together. The result is an incredibly detailed model. It helps children learn about 3D structures and develop co-ordination—but grown-ups will find hours of quiet joy in it too. And the smartest part? There’s no need for scissors, knives or adhesive, so no one’s going to glue their fingers together. Pure genius.”

Thanks to Alice D. for this unusual find!


Bock (beep beep) bock!

Here’s a kid’s vehicle puzzle that features a scooter. (Finally!) And it makes sounds! Made by Imaginarium, this “8 piece cars puzzle” is made from wood and measures 12 x 9″. It’s sold exclusively at Toys R Us for $12.99.

Thanks so much to Glen B. in Canada for this find and photos. He promises to let us know soon what sound the chicken really makes.


Glen B. has reported back—
“The chicken in the puzzle makes the sound of a 2 stroke kick starting and revving up. Awesome !! The rat in the sports car plays bass-pumpin’ dance music, the bicycle a bell, the taxi is laying on the horn and the rest just make the vehicle sounds. All in all pretty cool.”

Zoom went the strings of my heart.

Last year I got all excited when I found a Triumph Tigress-esque valentine. Well it turns out I am a very lucky girl. Because a designer at Pottery Barn was probably one of the people I was bidding against on eBay. They feature the same valentine on a $12 card set, in a $20 plastic tumbler set, a $26 melanine plate set, in a paper heart garland and in a floor puzzle (available only in the stores.) Here’s a buying tip – if you just want the scooter plate, go to the stores and grab one. They’re just $6.50 and display wonderfully. The folks at my local store said everything would go on sale the week before Valentine’s Day.

Many thanks to Cara!