Minnie the modette.

Minnie Mouse Disney Bow-tique Scooter Vespa Puzzle Mickey Clubhouse

Not only is she clearly a mod but she has a pet cat which is a very progressive pet for a mouse to have … don’t you think?

The first photo shows Minnie on a remote control scooter, the second photo shows a jigsaw puzzle with her beau Mickey and the third is Minnie on a smaller scooter toy with lots of accessories and said cat.

The RC scooter seems to be only available in Europe while the puzzle falls into the category of “rare swag” as I didn’t find a good online source for it. Try searching “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Scooter 35pc Jigsaw Puzzle.” The smaller toy scooter is more widely available.

Love the name of Minnie’s line of toys — “Bow-tique” !

Minnie Remote Control Scooter – £32.99

Fisher-Price Disney’s Minnie’s Motor Scooter – $17

Doll Never Included.

Baby Born Scooter

Thanks to Scooter Stu for this find. Available only in the UK thus far, this baby doll does not have time to wait for you and your stroller. Her scooter is remote controlled and on sale for £29.99. Her outfit is £19.99 and the doll herself is £12.99.
Speaking of babies and scooters, I once heard of a vintage ad that featured a mom riding a scooter with a side car that was more of a stroller with a baby in it! It sounded unspeakably dangerous and I have been looking for it ever since. Anyone know which ad I might be referring to? I think it would make the perfect shower gift all framed up for the nursery.

Baby Born Scooter

Baby Born Scooter Kit/Outfit