Not Canadian? That’s unfortunate.

Scooter Vespa Cup Gift Sets Paris NYC London Benix Canada

Only those lucky Canadians with Bendix stores nearby can shop for these ceramic cup gift sets. Each has a world city theme with Rome, London, Paris and New York featured. There are also tea bag holders in this collection. To see everything, type “Divas” into the search window.

Thanks to Vanessa for this find!

Fleeing Fleeting Rome …

Gotta love a travel book with a mint Lambretta Starstream on it.

From Amazon:
“Only a renaissance man could have described this glorious city in its heyday. And only Carlo Levi, writer, painter, politician and one of the last century’s most celebrated talents, could depict Rome at the height of its optimism and vitality after World War II. In Fleeting Rome, the era of post war ‘La Dolce Vita’ is brought magnificently to life in the daily bustle of Rome’s street traders, housewives and students at work and play, the colourful festivities of Ferragosto and San Giovanni, the little theatre of Pulcinella al Pincio; all vibrant sights and sounds of this ancient, yet vital city.”

Published in 2005, it’s available for $15.95.

Thanks to Poliana for this find!

Creative License

Christopher Vine’s Santa Barbara Design Studio has had several products featuring this Vespa bearing a strangely square leg shield. That map behind the scooter looks to be Rome. Since I haven’t seen very many scooter water bottles, I had to post it. It’s $19.99. And since it’s red, it might make a great Valentine’s Day present. Here’s a greeting card of this design we posted in the past.

Thanks to Julie G. for this find.

Not quite a pint but always half full.

Cost Plus World Market came out with the wallet-friendly fenderlight Christmas ornaments but they also carry a lot of other scooter merchandise like these glasses. You can buy a set online or visit their stores to buy just one to hold your toothbrushes. The set of four is $15.96. Other designs feature the London skyline and a red telephone box as well as Paris and a little Fiat. Made in Italy.

Thanks to Michelle and Julie G. for this find!