So not plastic.

Plasticland always has the cutest things. In fact, I call them “deadly” because visiting their site is a dangerous proposition for someone trying to save their money for “important” things like say, paying off school loans or saving for retirement. Still, this chrome and ceramic scooter IS a bank which should help you save some money. (Even if it’s for a Series 3 and not a 401K.) Measures 8.5″d x 4.5″t x 4″w and costs $24. If they run out, don’t worry. They restock pretty regularly and you can add it to your “wish list” at their online store.

This Week’s Rare Bit O’Swag: Tetsujin 29-go/Shutaro Kaneda's tin scooter toy

Hold your breath folks. This uber-rare Japanese toy is priced at $4,500! And for those Portland, Oregon folks, it’s available to be seen and coveted at the vintage and comic book ephemera store “Billy Galaxy.” The scooter is a Rabbit measuring 7″ long and 6″ high. The boy rider is “Shotaro Kaneda” who also happens to own a several stories tall robot called Tetsujin 28-go or “Iron Man #28” — not to be confused with Robert Downey Jr. The toy was made in Japan by Daito, still has both of it’s antenna and is the “harder to find variant that does not picture the Tetsujin 28 robot printed on its sides.”

From Wikipedia:
Tetsujin 28-gō (literally “Iron Man #28”) is a 1956 manga written and illustrated by Mitsuteru Yokoyama, who also created Giant Robo. The series centered on the adventures of a young boy named Shotaro Kaneda, who controlled a giant robot named Tetsujin 28, built by his late father.
The manga was later adapted into four anime TV series, the first in 1963. It was the first Japanese series to feature a giant robot. The 1963 series was later released in America as Gigantor. A live action motion picture with heavy use of computer generated graphics was produced in Japan in 2005.

Below the photos of the toy I’ve put a photo of a statue of the robot (actual size) as it was being built in Kobe, Japan. Does anyone know if they’ve built a Godzilla one?

Thanks to Julie G. for this find!

This Week’s Rare Bit O’Swag: "Third World" Handmade Scooter Models


Most of us have some version of the third world handmade scooter model. Whether they’re made out of beer cans or wood, what’s particularly charming about them is all the details they get right . . . and what they get wrong. This particularly nice model is from Cassie’s collection.

Look Like A Model.

I wish I knew more about the modeling craze that seems to feature a lot of scooters. I think the idea is that you can create your own action figure and of course that newly minted superhero has to have accessories. These little models come in a variety of colors and are $17.09 each. There is no size mentioned but the company is in California, so it should be easy enough to contact them.

Thanks to Julie G. for this unusual find!

This Week’s Rare Bit O’Swag: Kurt Adler Santa Figurine


Break the news to your kids. Don’t leave Santa cookies. He’d rather have fresh basil. That’s because Santa is actually a scooter riding Eye-tal-Ian and a chef! This is a rare Kurt S. Adler (KSA) fabriche figurine that occasionally pops up on eBay. He’s approximately 11″ tall and 11″ long.