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Scooterpatch.com Scooter Rally Pennants Vespa Lambretta

Scooterpatch.com is Scooterswag’s sponsor and they have a new product out that would be great for rallies and clubs.

The pennants are 14 3/4″ x 19″ and are $20 each or $15 with a patch order. White is the only color background . . . for now.

Visit scooterpatch.com for more information.

And if you’d like to see a wonderful collection of vintage rally pennants, visit this site which has other great swag as well.

Crash ’em Smash ’em Action.

I am pretty sure this is a very old game (it’s for Windows systems and is just $3-5 on Amazon) but it’s existence is still pretty exciting. Not being a gamer myself, here are the deets according to Amazon.

“It’s scooter racing to the extreme! Deliver death defying stunts in this crash ’em smash ’em action game! Show off your skills as you tear through crowded streets even using your scooter as weapon if necessary. Choose from a number of different scooters and blaze through a series of hot races as you battle for the right to rule the road! Let’s burn some serious rubber!”

Scooter Rally Game at Amazon.com