Swag From Around The World:
Scooter Postcard from Taipei!

My friend Jessica recently went on a business trip to Taipei and sent me this marvelous pop-up scooter card. (Thanks Jess!) It mails flat but then the recipient can pull up the scooters to make their very own traffic scene. The small print on one side reads “comfortable – relaxing – fun” and another caption reads “Scooters take you around the city in no time. They are very common in Taipei where they are widely seen as much more convenient than cars.”

Tori Spelling likes scooters.

Tori Spelling’s clothing line for children is called “Little Maven” and fortunately for us, it features several garments with scooters on them. I really wish I could add water to the little cardigan and make it in my size. (Notice the detailed scooter tucked inside.) They’re on sale ($9-$19) so hurry!

Thanks to Rosanne G. and Julie G. for this great find.


Happy New Year Scooter Swaggers!


Well darn. This post was scheduled to appear on New Year’s Eve but didn’t.

Ah well . . . here are some perpetual calendars you won’t have to replace year after year. With month and day wheels, just spin for the date. Available at Scooterworks – type “calendar” in the search engine to see all the choices.


"No hay Swag de Moto en Mexico D.F."


A Postcard from Mexico – X,O, Cassie and Tracy

We were in Mexico City for ten days and although we combed that enormous tchotchke-filled city, we did not find any a single scooter swag item to post about. Except this weird little baby shower toy which isn’t really isn’t much of a scooter. Sigh. We tried, people. Really, we tried. Oh and there were lots of modern scooters on the streets but not a single Vespa new or old. So strange. Still had an excellent time though!

Fairly new scootering book!

Scooters : Red Eyes, Whitewalls and Blue Smoke
It’s titled “Scooters – Red Eyes, Whitewalls and Blue Smoke” and its has lots of great photographs of Portlanders and of a certain local merchandiser by the name of Modified. It’s fun to play “find the Modified gear in this photo”! You have room enough in your life for one more scooter book. Oh yes you do.

“Scooters: Red Eyes, Whitewalls and Blue Smoke” at Amazon.com