What did Santa bring you?

Cuff Daddy Cuff Links Vespa Scooter

Patrick Nitro Chicago Scooter Collection

Patrick (aka Nitro) sent me this lovely pic of the nice bling Santa brought him. Located in Chicago, Patrick’s part of “The Magnificent Seven” scooter club which is Lambretta focused.

If Santa did not bring you any cufflinks, they can be had on sale for around $30 on the Cuff-Daddy site. They’re solid silver and measure 3/4″ x 3/4″:


Shiny Shiny!

Too often reproductions of scooters get the details wrong but this one is a very attractive example. I especially like the black tire detail. From Sweetpea & Willow in London & Ireland, this glorified paperweight is made of aluminum and measures 25cm x 10cm x 16cm. And hooray, they will ship overseas.

Thanks to Julie G. for this find.


Casting a spell with a wave of your hand.

Here’s a wonderful treasure trove of scooter charms and jewelry.
The links are in order of top to bottom in the links below.
Here’s call out to my friend Lin in Brighton, proprietess of Soul Jewellery.co.uk.
(Hi Lin! It’s Tracy from Portland!)

Silver Scooter Ring

Scooter Charms Galore from souljewellery.co.uk

Green Scooter Pendant

Opening Scooter Charm

(Thanks to Julie G. for all these great finds.)

Monopoly should have a scooter.

I would gladly trade in a top hat or a thimble for a scooter while I pass “Go.” These models are made of resin with an “antiqued silver metallic finish. The Vespa measures in at 8.5″ x 4″ x 6” and is $14.95. And the roadster measures in at 4” by 7” by 2” and is $9.95.

Thanks to Paul at Sportique Scooters in Denver for this find!


Happy Shiny Shiny New Year.

And to mark 2011, here’s a shiny bauble. It’s a bead charm and is $30.00. It’s .925 sterling silver and has a threaded interior that fits most European charm bracelets. I like the fact that since it’s a bead, it’s probably a lot harder to lose than a charm dangling off a necklace! Thanks to TJ (a soon-to-be fellow scooterist) for this find in “Delightful Daisy” — his own online store: