Swag From Around The World – Part 5

Moritz from Germany’s SIP Scooter Shop has been following ScooterSwag for about a year and a half and wanted to share with us some t-shirts they’re doing. They have a lot of amazing lifestyle stuff on their site and they’re working with FedEx now so shipping should be cheaper. I work with my own local shop to place orders for bits because they tend to do one big shipment for everybody’s stuff and that helps lower the cost as well.

(My own personal plug – We don’t really talk mechanics here at ScooterSwag but if you’re considering buying a performance pipe for your scooter, you can’t do better than SIP – it’s worth every last penny. They really do boost performance and last forever.)


Scooters and snow finally make peace?

I’ve known a few brave folks who’ve ridden scooters in the snow. (People from Germany typically – see photo below from SIP Scooters – they’re kooky!)

But . . . if you want to play it completely safe, you can take an imaginary ride around in your Department 56 Snow Village.

This little set of scooters measure approximately 3″ X 1″ X 1.75″ and are $20. The Walter Dorwin Teague-ish garage I show them in front off is a retired piece but probably can be had with some searching on eBay.

Thanks to Julie G. for this great find!