Heads-Up Goggo Scooter Owners!

The Galison “Bon Voyage” line features the bulbous and beloved Goggo scooter on their retro travel sticky notes, gift notes, and notecards – but not on the notebook. Prices range from $10-$11. After clicking on the link below, type in “Galison Bon Voyage” to see all of the line.
So do any of ScooterSwag’s followers have one of these rare Odd Scoots?

Galison Bon Voyage Writer’s Notecards at Amazon.com

Vera Wang does Vespa

These note cards have been available at Barnes & Noble for quite awhile and we featured them as part of a post about Vespa marketing at this store awhile back. But now they’re available online. I think the Vespa in the illustration could almost be a Triumph Tina but I digress. Printed on beautiful British made stationary, these cards are engraved with the message “Hurry Over” and are $24 for a set of 10.

Thanks to Julie G. for this find!