Looks good on paper.

Midori D-Clips Scooter Vespa Paperclips

ScooterSwag featured these adorable clips back in 2011. But just this week I had not one but two Swaggers ask me if I had ever put them up. Which led me to think that you all needed to see them again. A box of 30 is $7.25. One note: for some reason they call these “bike” clips and not scooter clips.

Thanks to Steven S. and Phillip G. for the reminder!


The shiny sunny side up.

(Note the flower pattern in the hubcaps!)
Don’t like orange? No worries. Whisker Graphics has customizable print on demand and you can get labels, tags, business cards, stationery, etc. with this scooter on different colored paper stocks. Their prices are pretty reasonable so go nuts.

search for “scooter” at whiskergraphics.com

Forward leaning.

R Nichols is a stationery and gift accessories shop based out of Florida.
The “Pisa” design is featured on a luggage tag for $6 and on notecards (3.5 x 4.78″) in a pack of 8 for $16 or if you’d like to have them personalized, $18.
The lower design in green is available on gift cards (2 x 3″) in a pack of 10 for $5.

Pisa designs

Green scooter design

Greetings from London

Hello Lucky! is a great stationery designer. We’ve featured several of their cards and wrapping paper over the years. Now they have a London-centric theme with lots of lovely little letterpressed scooters. There are greeting cards, holiday cards and announcements all done in several color schemes. I just wish I was moving to London right now so I would have a reason to order some!


Spirited Scooter Girl

Awhile back we posted about this neat greeting card:

Old Scooter Swag Post

Then over Christmas, Swagerista Rickie S. presented me with the same design on a coffee mug that came in its own gift box! (Thanks Rickie!)

It turns out that “Curly Girl Designs” has really expanded their line and now you can get this design on magnets, notepads, post-its, candles, water bottles, laptop skins, portable mini shopping bags and art prints.

To search for this design look for “The World Is Full of People” in the shop section of their site:


Scooter Xmas Cards at New Seasons

A pretty cool package of Christmas cards has been spotted at New Seasons groceries in the Northwest. They’re long, thin cards with a picture of Santa on a scooter, with his hat flying off in the wind. They’re published by Marcel Schurman but I haven’t been able to find pictures of them on the website, or links to where you can purchase them. If you know where to buy these online, please email me..