“Horsepower Through the Ages” Shirt

Plasticland throws us another adorable scooter-centric fashion accessory. This shirt features all kinds of wonderful modes of transportation like scooters, microcars, tuk tuks and unicorns(?!) It’s a ladies tee that comes in S – XL and runs $34.


Please take a bow.

What is going on with kids’ clothing this year? Are they purposely trying to drive us adult scooter fans nuts? I want to wear some of these shirts for Pete’s sake! For the squeee factor I present a Baby Gap shirt for $19.95 that comes in sizes for 12 mos to 5 years. It’s off-white and 100% cotton. It looks incredibly similar to a design that Baby Gap did awhile back featured here. But there’s nothing wrong with recycling.

Thanks to brand new contributor Louisa L. for the photo and the find!


This Week’s Rare Bit O’Swag:
Paul Frank “Scooter Love” Tee

This t-shirt is still on Paul Frank’s site but it’s out of stock. I would add it to your wish list on the site and maybe you will get an e-mail if it becomes available again? I especially love the little mod target on the back shoulder with the arrows coming out of it. The price is listed at $22.