The 2011 Rickshaw Run!

This handsome t-shirt features the logo of this year’s Rickshaw Run and is £16.00 and available with other merc at the site’s shop:

FYI – One person’s Rickshaw is another person’s Vespa Ape or Lambretta Lambro or Tuk Tuk.

I happen to know a team that is on the Rickshaw Run right now . Calling themselves “The Ugly Americans,” the team is made up of David Fogarty (aka “Doughnut” to the Pacific Northwest scooter crowd) and Mark. All of the teams are raising money for a very worthy charity: The Frank Water project is a British based charity that is working to bring water purification technology to areas of India that are in need.

So if you’ve ever wanted to donate something on behalf of ScooterSwag for all of the pleasure this little blog brings to your OCD collecting life, please consider making a donation. Every little helps. Several teams have far surpassed their goals and I know Doughnut and Mark would like to donate even more. The “Just Giving” button is on the team’s page where you can also keep track of their exploits:

The Ugly Americans Team Page

And ahem ((clearing throat)) GO UGLY AMERICANS GO!

Don't spread yourself thin on shirts.

Spread Shirts is a t-shirt company new to ScooterSwag and they have a really nice collection of scooter shirts on their site that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Unlike CafePress or Etsy, Spread Shirt makes the shirts themselves with submitted designs so the screen printing quality will be a lot more consistent.

Thanks to Julie G. for this find!

I'm not fat! I'm fluffy.

Cassie discovered Fat Kitty Falafel and I finally made it over to get a photo with this Portland, Oregon food cart on a glorious (finally!) Spring Thursday. Don’t know about where you live but Portland has become food cart central and it’s awesome. The cost of starting up a restaurant has gotten so prohibitive and this way check can strut their stuff without wrecking their credit.

Sitting on my 1960 VBA is the owner of Fat Kitty Falafel, the wonderful Al Herre. And he promises we’ll be some of the first to know when he prints some more t-shirts.

Thanks Cassie and thanks Al!