Swag From Around The World: Chinese Scooter Shirts

Hi there ScooterSwaggers. Happy New Year. Sorry for the lapse in swag-dom. After a busy Christmas, travels and a long bout with the flu, I’m back on the job.

Which brings us to this first post of 2013. Eric E. is a “Long time reader, and collector of all things Vespa” who’s based in Jiaxing, China right now. (That’s in the middle of the Northeast coast.) He found these shirts for sale on the street and like any swagger worth his mettle, couldn’t resist buying them.

I asked him what the scooter scene was like there and this was his reply:

“It’s interesting, in Hong Kong there is pride and style associated with scooters and motorcycles, I saw cafe racers ridden by “rockers” and Vespa/PGO/LML scooters that were washed and waxed. On the mainland they are just basic transportation and as long as they move forward they don’t do anything to fix them. People everywhere riding around at night with no lights, and everything is barely hacked together enough to keep going.”

Eric promises to take photos of anything else he comes across of interest.

Wasp not W.A.S.P.

Factory Tools is a designer of vintage-focused scooter shirts. They sell them through Piston Ported’s site. One that stands out is their technical drawing of a wasp shown with its corresponding Vespa parts. Hint: The antennae is the fender crest. The shirts are hand screen printed on Gilden Heavyweight T-Shirts (90% cotton/10% polyester) and range in sizes from SM – XXL. They’re about $15 a piece.

Thanks to Matt for letting us know about these!

Factory Tools Tees at Piston Ported

Ciao Ciao and Meow Meow.

There have been several Tokidoki items featuring scooters but none that I’m aware of that has Hello Kitty riding bitch with “Adios” – the little grim reaper character! You can find the Hello Kitty shirt but alas the other shirt featuring “Ciao Ciao” (Grim Reaperette) is what could be characterized as a “Rare Bit O’ Swag.”

Thanks to Julie G. and Cassie for the finds!


Swag From Around The World – Part 5

Moritz from Germany’s SIP Scooter Shop has been following ScooterSwag for about a year and a half and wanted to share with us some t-shirts they’re doing. They have a lot of amazing lifestyle stuff on their site and they’re working with FedEx now so shipping should be cheaper. I work with my own local shop to place orders for bits because they tend to do one big shipment for everybody’s stuff and that helps lower the cost as well.

(My own personal plug – We don’t really talk mechanics here at ScooterSwag but if you’re considering buying a performance pipe for your scooter, you can’t do better than SIP – it’s worth every last penny. They really do boost performance and last forever.)


For inseparable scooterists


These adorable couple’s shirts are available from a “Swag Shop in Singapore” (I’ve always wanted to say that!) so shipping will be a bit high but gosh dang darn it, who can resist? The pair of shirts are $49.90 in Singapore Dollars (so approximately $28.00 in US Dollars). Shipping is expected to be $25 USD. And you can Paypal them. Thanks to my very own Swaggerista Cassie for this find.


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