The Young Ones.

Old Navy Gap Baby Clothes Scooter Vespa Mod Dog

Here are some new scootery baby clothes from both Baby Gap and Old Navy.

First up is a mod number that looks like a top and bottom set but is actually a onesie. It’s 100% cotton and snaps at the shoulder and inseam. Sizes are from newborns to 2 years. It’s $19.95 at Baby Gap.

The pink two-piece dog-centric number is also 100% cotton and is now on sale at Old Navy for $10.00 but only the 18-24 mos. size is left. So hurry!

Calling all Scooter Nerds (and their bairn)!

Target should just get it over with and change their red and white logo to the mod rondelle. They consistently have lots of mod themed and scooter stuff in every aisle of their wonderful store.

The latest proof: The Harajuku Mini clothing and accessories collection. The scooter — with training wheels! — makes appearences throughout the “Nerds” theme of this line. Designed by Gwen Stefani who had the same designs in adult sizes back in 2008 and covered in this post here.

The sizes for this clothing are a wee bit smaller, fitting newborns and toddlers. Prices are very reasonable with $19 for the coveralls and $13 for the shirt shown here. Stores will no doubt carry other styles, sizes and even school supplies with this design so explore your local Target soon!

Last but not least, here’s a link to the cute Harajuku TV commercial now running. No scooter in it, but still worth a look:

Harajuku TV Spot

Thanks to Tammy for the in-store photos and this find!

Harajuku Mini at Target

You’re getting warmer …

With the warmer weather it is only natural that we are riding more not to mention seeing more scooters in advertising. From the top to the bottom is an ad for Altoids, an in-store sign at Target, a banner ad for Nikon cameras, a window sign for Old Navy, several stills from a Pup-Peroni dog treats TV commercial, and a banner ad for an HP phone.

Thanks to Cassie M. and Julie G. for some of these finds.