Is your scooter a porn star?

A recent scooter rally conversation reminded me of this porn video that features a Vespa VBA that is ridden by a delivery girl who likes to please her customers if you know what I mean. Here’s the description from Seattle’s Something Weird Video:

Colonel Carnal, owner-operator of the “fastest messenger service in town,” starts up Carnal’s Cuties, which “uses pretty girls to deliver the goods.” By van, by Vespa, and by bike, Thomasina (DUSTY DARLING), Hari (MARIA TORTUGA), and Dierdre (JANET SANDS), clad in short-shorts and T-shirt, deliver bigtime and, in return, get big “tips”.

The porn scenes are very seventies with hirsute girls and no implants (and no sex with the scooter watching) but what’s especially charming is watching a porn actress who clearly hasn’t ever ridden a Vespa try to muscle the little scooter around. She does alright but winces as she fights to get it into neutral after stopping and then at the end of the movie, the scooter stops during her departure scene and she just looks so frustrated. And last but not least there is a kickstart wound on her calf visible during her uh, scene. I think we can all relate. What I’m really curious about is if this scooter is still around, being ridden by someone who has no idea that their scooter was once a porn star! Alas, it can not be my VBA because mine still had original paint when I got it. Sigh.