Villa Bellangelo Scooter Wines

Here are some wine choices that come in “red, white and pink scooter.” We’ve featured Villa Bellangelo’s wines before. These sweeter wines come in 1.5 liter pouches are the equivalent of 2 ordinary wine bottles. Most states in the US can order either from the Bellangelo site or from VinoShipper for around $16.99 (not including shipping.) If anyone sees these at a major retailer, please let us know!

Scooter Hootch rides again.

Spotted at Grocery Outlet, this latest scooter wine comes in Proscecco Brut, Pinot Grigio, Chianti and Tuscan Red. They all seem to be priced under $20. There’s a store finder listed on their site. And these wines may also be found online for the intrepid researcher who’s willing to go to the trouble. If any of you find this wine in national chains, would you let us know? Grazie.

Thanks to Becky M. for this find!

Ciao Ciao! Kiss Kiss!

Moscato Bella 2010 is made from muscat canelli grapes and apparently is on the sweet side and is good for making wine cocktails. So this might make an excellent Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone. You can order it online for $12 not including shipping and if your state allows. Haven’t been able to find it at a major retailer yet.

Thanks to Madeline G. for this find!

About Moscato Bella Wine

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P.S. Has any American mastered the Italian/French double air kiss? It looks so elegant but I just can’t seem to pull if off without feeling foolish or pretentious.

Odd Scoot Wine!

Wine maker Epicurean has released this 2007 Bistro Grenache. Note how the neck label mimics the scarf of the female rider – now that’s attention to detail! For those in the Portland, Oregon area, this wine is available in New Seasons Markets for around $13.99. For the rest of you, you can purchase it online for $12.99. If any of you do find this wine at a national or regional supermarket, please let us know, won’t ya?

Thanks to Becky M. for this fantastic find!

PS: I’ve heard reports that this is a Heinkel or a Zundapp Bella R204 but I think it’s more of a artistic license sort of scooter. If anyone has a photo of a scooter that most closely resembles this little guy, send it in at .

Rapido Red

While shopping in a “Wildberries Market” in Northern California, Slug Rocket (Scooter Club member) Coady R. snapped this great photo of a wine I haven’t yet come across. It’s hard to find online too unless you’re in New Zealand. It seems like this is an Italian wine but is imported by a New Zealand winery? Can a wine expert help me out here?

Here’s a description:

“Rapido Red Sangiovese (6 Bottles) 2007
A seriously good wine that is all things Italian – made from Sangiovese grapes from selected vineyards in Puglia, southern Italy (known as the ‘heel’ of Italy). It was imported by Kahurangi Estate in Nelson. It’s a wine to share the Italian way, and is a must when it comes to accompanying that hearty bowl of meat and pasta, or equally at home with a platter of cold meats and cheese. ‘Fantastico’!

Region: Salento peninsula in southern Puglia, Italy

Foods: We love it with everything from a hearty lasagne to an antipasto platter.

Nose: A medium bodied, everyday drinking red with aromas of red berry and damson fruit.

Palate: Fresh and lively on the palate with ripe berry fruit balanced by tangy acidity and soft ripe tannins leading to a warm, spicy finish.”

Thanks to Coady for the picture and the find!

Ciao Bella Pinot Grigio Wine

CiaoBella_PinotGrigio.jpgCiao Bella Bottle Photo
Not only do you get a pretty bottle but you also get a pretty damn fine wine. This Pinot Grigio has been spotted in several top wine reviews. Of course you would probably still buy it if it tasted like Thunderbird, but this is very, very drinkable stuff. You can buy it at most Wild Oats or they will special order it for you if they’re out. Want to read more?
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